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Welcome to Crawford Web Design Falkirk. I have been creating affordable website designs for the last three years.

From designing the website, to finalising the logo and creating the graphics. Website Development, SEO and Development, I provide an end to end solution. The aim is to maximise your digital footprint, whilst keeping to your budget, and maximising ROI.

Let me give you a professional web presence! Working together to help create your vision, build you a better ditial business and give you an end product you’ll love.

Crawford Web Design Better Business with Us.


I know that when you want to start building an online presence, budget can be a real issue. Affordable websites is what we do. It gets you online, can be customised for your small business, and have the features you want. We believe that if we can get you the website you want, we can coach you with an overall marketing strategy, and you’ll come back to us to help you grow your small business.

There is no one best design for a small business, everything should, and can be, tailored to fit the businesses needs and budget. With that in mind, we work to help you create the website of your dreams.

All our packages include hosting, ssl certificates, maintenance for 12 months, and regular backups.

If you want to know how a strategic website helps get more business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can also offer unique – we build it, you rent it from us packages – where you can benefit from our scratch built websites, the SEO services we provide, and the opportunities our sites produce. Because at the end of the day, if your site isn’t getting you new customers it is just a shiny new toy.


Falkirk based SEO pro and Web Designer

When it comes to Marketing, you need to be strong. A lot of people understand they need a website, but as a business do you understand how marketing can help you grow like never before? More customers anyone?

Falkirk is a great place to own a business, so you need to make sure you are a company that is maximising their digital footprint. A modern web design and some SEO can really turn you into a niche leader among your peers. With media marketing added in, you could really dominate and be a leading company in our little town. There is so much potential in Falkirk, I really believe that switched on people can do well and i’d love to help out.

Website Design is an obvious first step, it lets you choose what first impression you make – and you get to avoid making a bad one. When someone looks at your website you can start marketing to them right away. You can chase them all over social media, in various forms, with PPC ads. Search Engine Optimisation is fantastic if you are a search based company. When someone hits search on Google, you want to stack the odds in your favour that they click on you. And you can.

Digital is the future of all business. If you do not have a modern, fast website – you are missing out and need to look at your marketing plan. The proper website design will help you capture customers and then you can grow.

Go have a search now, and see what sites come up. Search and see what your competition is like, are they already in front of you?

If you want to grow, you need to focus on marketing.

You need to use us and get yourself ranking in search with a great website design.

Falkirk is suffering from a shrink it footfall, so it makes sense to make more of a digital footprint. If you can get more people to click and get in touch with you, that click will eventually turn into a customer.

Falkirk doesn’t have the largest population, and business owners don’t always understand the power of the web, or how social media for example, can help them flourish. Being on the web is critical. Good website design is critical. Understanding how each web visitor can be a real customer is solid, smart Business.


Website Design and other Services

How we can help your business grow on the web, and in Falkirk.

Web Development

Your new website needs to be fast, well designed, mobile optimal, and ready for those customers you want!


The secret sauce of getting people to that website of yours. Our SEO services get you customers. Period.


Don’t even think about advertising until you have an optimised website and some SEO work. Then invest in ads!

Logo Design

Get a Logo that fits you and your business. We can make you a logo or guide you to free resources, keeping costs down.

Web Design

Gorgeous sites with responsive designs – at affordable prices. Your website should be unique to you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting more business is important – you need SEO! You want to be showing up when people search for you.


Advertising + Social Media

Ads on Google and Facebook are sexy – but make sure you’re ready. Join all your profiles together in a focused area.



A website with no content is just pictures – you need it! We can help you write so your message is heard. Or do it for you.

Videography and Photography

Say cheese! Let’s make sure your site is unique to you – with pictures of you and your business.

Recent Work

Our work with local businesses.

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