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Too many businesses rely on stock pictures or regular product videos. Use your personality and give folks a reason to like your business. By seeing you and your team, it shows how real a business is and it makes it relatable. I am not a photographer. But we do work with local established professionals.

Our Web Design Falkirk staff will sit down with you and talk about what you’re comfortable with. Not everyone wants to be in-front of a camera, but you can benefit a lot from being genuine. That is impossible to do if you use stock pictures and videos in your digital marketing and advertising.

Make Your Clients Part of this Story

You may even make your clients part of the story! There is nothing more real than a business showing it’s customers. With your clients’ approval, you can take photographs of them using your services or products. You may also get some video reviews.

When your clients are a part of this narrative, they will be able to help you advertise in a way unique to you. This is remarkably powerful as it makes it possible to build trust with your marketplace and create sales.

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