You have heard the expression,”Content is king,”but exactly what exactly does this mean? It’s alot to do with copywriting.

It usually means that the material will be the driving force behind linking with customers, nurturing prospects, and making sales online. Content could make or break your advertising plan, if you can afford it, hire a pro.

Crawford Web Design Falkirk know not everyone has a huge budget, and we are willing to help. Content should be informative, helpful and create relationships. If you think about it, good relationships are what make you happy, not sales pitches, try to use that.

Possessing a superbly designed site is just step one. For step two, you want to populate the site with content that is well crafted. Blogging can be used to help bring in traffic, if its informative and well written, it can convert. This is a great way to get leads.

If content is appealing, your customers will stay on your site rather than clicking out the competition, you win.

Bounce rates are when someone lands on your site and ‘bounces’ away fast, you want a low bounce rate.  If search engines like Google see people staying on your site – you will be rewarded!


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