If you’d like quick and measurable results, a pay-per-click marketing campaign is a good option, at Crawford Web Design Falkirk we use them too!

These ads put you right in front of your target market, and you pay every time a customer clicks and visits wherever you want to send them.

PPC campaigns can be quite complex, so you really have to consider if you know what you’re doing. When you open up the dashboard on for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Bing, there are a lot of options!

Usually – but not always, you are looking for lead generation. You are trying to pay for customers essentially. I can’t give you a complete breakdown here, but if you get in touch, we can discuss the different options.

Successful PPC campaigns begin with keyword research. While some companies bid on every key word possible, you’ll have more success by only bidding on intent-based keyword phrases. That means you choose keywords that people search for when they are prepared to buy, not just look!

Landing Page Optimisation

You want an effective landing page that will help convert customers after they click on your ads. After someone clicks on an ad for say – dental braces – the page they land on should have a great offer, capture contact details, and help increase  your conversion rates.


Advertising with ppc

Professional Advertisement Creation

It may be tempting to create your own ads, but remember there is more to the process and you may not get the results you are looking for!

Before we create ads, we take the time to research client profiles and the competition. That way we make sure a campaign is tailored to get the most out of it.

You want to research your competition and see what they are doing. 

People react really well to genuine, helpful content. 

Experiment with video ads, use real business pictures, try to help people and in the long run – you will win.

Split Testing

However well assembled an advertising effort is, it can always improve. Our advertising team uses A/B split testing to find strategies to improve the ads. This means that we run two similar ads with a slight difference, different copy, different pictures, different targeting. You should have a play with these if you want to run ads.

Split testing might be something as simple as changing a phrase in the ‘call to action’. The two advertisements go head-to-head, and the one which performs better wins and gets to stick around to the next round of test. Continue to carry out tests during the campaign, so you get better results.


Have you ever wished you could get people back after visiting your site? Re-targeting lets you advertise to someone who has visited your site, or a particular asset you want to promote. By placing a small piece of code in a page, you can chase people all over the the internet if you want!

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